What is Kitty Kush?

Purrvana Kitty Kush is 100% pure, organic catnip. Depending on the variety, it may be blended with approximately 20% organic herbs. Kitty Kush induces a harmless catnip high that is safe and non-addictive.

How is Kitty Kush different from other catnip I can buy?

Most catnip you can buy is non-organic, mechanically processed, and can be stale from sitting on a shelf for months. To ensure that Kitty Kush is fresh, we purchase our catnip in small batches and your order is shipped within days, not months. Drawing inspiration from the Colorado lifestyle, our high-grade, potent, organic and locally sourced Kitty Kush is hand harvested to ensure quality and a unique experience for your favorite feline.

How much Kitty Kush is recommended for my cat?

One or two doses of Kitty Kush a week is preferred by most cats. Some cats may be satisfied with occassional Kitty Kush while others would enjoy it daily. Once your cat has had enough, s/he will just walk away...or else just lie around.

What is your R&D Process?

Purrvana runs studies on our test subject Lenny, a Colorado native and well-versed in kush. Lenny has learned to display the effects of Kitty Kush with a wide array of facial expressions, limb extensions, paw gestures and through the degree to which he exposes his cat-belly.

Why buy Kitty Kush?

Kitty Kush is a perfect gift for any cat lover or your favorite feline! Locally sourced and organic, you can rest assured that it will leave your cat blissful and purring for more. And by buying Purrvana products, you can give back – we invest in animal well being with at least 10% of profits going to animal and feline welfare causes.


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