About Purrvana

The founder of Purrvana is from Colorado and comes from a long line of bonafide ailurophiles (cat lovers). A runaway affinity for cats together with an interest in homeopathic remedies and graphic design laid the foundation for the business.

Purrvana is a Colorado pioneer of high-quality, artisanal catnip which tantalizes your favorite feline’s senses unlike no other. Drawing inspiration from the Colorado lifestyle, Purrvana combines fresh hand-harvested organic catnip with herbal remedies, offering your cat an experience of bliss and leaving them purring for more.

As a locally sourced and packaged product, Purrvana is an approved member of Colorado Proud and is USDA Certified Organic.  Buying Purrvana products helps you to give back – we invest in animal well-being with at least 10% of profits going to animal and feline welfare causes.

Purrvana is a fun and unique gift for cat lovers everywhere! Make sure to browse our products, Kitty Joints. You can also find Purrvana in Purring Buddha and Notso Kitty products. For more information, check out features of Purrvana in Modern Cat, the L.A. Times, Buzzfeed, and the Guardian.

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